Women’s Mountain Bikes – Is There a Difference?

Men and women both are built differently. Different body shapes, different features – Men and women are not the same except the part of two legs, two arms or one head. This is way the mountain bike they ride should be different also. Usually, the difference in their bikes is found in the way bikes are built and how they are designed. The frame is shorter, contact points are less, and different heights – there are a number of significant differences but are not so obvious to the naked human eye. Let us have a look at some of these differences on the best mountain bikes available in the market today.


The Top Tube

The biggest difference between a man and a woman is the length of their torsos and arms. This is duly reflected in the design of the mountain bikes. The top tube on the bike is shorter in comparison to the one on the men’s bike. This reduces the distance between the handlebar and the seat for women to reach the handlebars comfortably.

Head and Seat Tube Angles

While the men usually have longer arms, women are born with slightly longer legs. Therefore, if you shorten the top tube on the woman’s bike and not make any other adjustment to the bike, it can lead to overlapping of the front wheel and their toe while pedaling. Most cycle manufacturers found a solution to this issue by increasing the angle and the length of the head tube at the bike’s front end. This extended the front wheel in the forward direction and the wheelbase as well. Also, the seat on the mountain bike is made at a steeper angle to make their ride comfortable.

Crank Length

For a comfortable ride on your mountain bike, the crank length should be of the optimum size. While woman’s legs are longer and torso slightly shorter than a man; the overall inch-by-inch length of a man’s leg is longer in comparison to women. This is why the crank length on men’s bike is slightly longer than the same on women’s bike. The crank on a men’s bike measures 170mm whereas the one on a women’s bike measure 165mm.  This allows the women to get down to the bottom of their pedal stroke.

Handlebars, Grips, and Brakes

Men usually have broader shoulders than women which are the main reason for having wider handlebars on their bikes. The handlebars are also placed slightly lower on a women’s bike because of the height difference. The grips used on a women’s mountain bike is smaller to make sure they are able to fit in their hands for added control and comfort.

The Last Words

While to a naked eye, these differences might not be easily visible, but they are present to make sure that women are also able to enjoy the benefits of using a mountain bike. If you are on the lookout for mountain bikes, you can check out your options under $1000 from here.

How to easily catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is the game for this generation. In today’s era of technology people have become very lazy because of the comforts they have. Even playing games has different meaning now. Earlier children and teens used to play outside with other kids but now video games and gaming applications on mobile and computers have made them lazy. Not only this is making them fat but also depriving them of any physical activity. So here comes in the new game Pokémon Go. The Pokemon Go APK can easily be downloaded from the official website.


The game is based on the gamer’s location. The game uses the device’s location to show the gamer their location on map in the game. When the gamer actually moves in the real world only then will its gaming avatar will move in the game. So now the gamers have to move if they want to play the games. Only on moving will they come across wild Pokémons and catch them. This forces the teenagers to get out of their houses and go to parks or other places to play the game. Also when someone else is playing near you, you can battle that person. You can also go to gyms to challenge badge leaders. Gyms and pokestops are usually places popular or common in that area.

Tips for catching a Pokémon easily

Catching Pokémon can be difficult or easy depending upon your experience and level of CP of Pokémon. Also it depends upon the type of pokeball you are using. So here are some tips you can follow –

  • Use razz berry for Pokémon of higher CP. They make it easier for you to capture it.
  • While catching a Pokémon when you touch your pokeball a target ring appears around the Pokémon. The color of the ring indicates the level of difficulty you would face in catching the Pokémon. If the ring is green that means it is easier to catch it. If the ring is orange then it indicates intermediate level. If the ring is red then it indicates high level of difficulty.
  • Your best shot would be the time when target ring is of smallest diameter.
  • If you want curveball bonus then while catching a Pokémon drag and spin the ball very fast in a circular motion and then throw it.
  • Also it gets easier to attract a wild Pokémon if you are using incense.
  • Using the right ball also matters you cannot catch a high CP Pokémon with just a pokeball. You would need Great Ball or Ultra Ball or Master Ball.

Final Say

The game has completely changed the gaming world. The game has earned great popularity because of its new concept. There are more than 500 million downloads worldwide. The game has not only profited itself but also the youth of this generation. Now they actually move around and use their bodies. This makes the game very different and life like. You can see Pokémons anywhere through your camera. They can be on land or on someone’s head.

Purified Water Is Essential For Better Health

Water is one of the basic necessities of every human being.  While you might get water running through your taps all day, this water is not always safe to drink. There are a number of factors that interfere with the water before it reaches your tap thus risking your health and delivering water which is not safe to drink. If you want to lead a healthy life, it is essential to drink clean, purified water. While there are various ways that you can purify water, investing in a water filter jug is one of the most efficient and affordable solutions that has proved to be highly beneficial.


Water that reaches your home is usually filled with chlorine which leaves the water tasting pungent and bitter. While chlorine is added to the water to purify it, this process only ruins the taste of the water and leaves it with a lot of bacteria still present. This bacterium is very harmful to your body and in order to get rid of the bacteria, it is essential to filter the water. A water filter jug helps to get rid of more than 99% of the chlorine as well as bacteria in the water and make is safe for consumption.

If you are looking for the easiest ways to drink pure and filtered water then the water filter jug is the way to go about things. It is one of the easiest methods and one of the safest methods to get pure water. With the water filter jug you can be assured that all the harmful germs and bacteria in the water is destroyed. You can also be assured that all the essential minerals in the water have been retained as well. People think that it is necessary to drink clean water however it is essential to drink clean and healthy water. Most purification and filtration methods kill the essential minerals in the water. However the water filter jug retains all the essential minerals that are healthy for the body. This gives the water filter jug the edge over other methods of filtration. There are no complicated steps involved as well. All you need to do is pour tap water into the jug and you get clear and clean water within seconds from the jug. There is no easier way to get water this pure this quickly. If you ever need to learn more, then this page has got some really valuable information.

Get Unlimited Movies And More With The ShowBox App

Watching movies is something most people love to do and while you might not have the time to visit a theater or watch a movie at home, you can always enjoy some of your favorite movies using the ShowBox app.  This app is compactable with all Android devices and no matter where you are, you can now watch some of your most loved movies without having to download or record them. While downloading movies has been a trend for a long time, there are a number of reasons why downloading is not an ideal solution. When you download data to your Smartphone, it takes up a lot of space and it causes the device to lag. There is also the constant risk of a virus or Trojan attack when you download data from unreliable sources. Click this link for more information.


When you use ShowBox, you don’t need to worry about any of these problems. It is one of the most effective ways to watch movies and videos without using up the space on your device. You can choose from a large library of some of the latest movies as well as some of the old classics which you might not be able to download online.

The ShowBox app (ShowBox for iPhone and iPad is now available on this site) has a number of benefits when you look at it from a time saving and money saving perspective. One of the biggest expenses we have when we think of entertainment is time to find a good source of entertainment. When we invest so much time in finding something good we then spend money trying to get everything related to that source. That includes tickets, monthly subscriptions, merchandise and many such things. With ShowBox there is no need to spend time or money on anything. Everything will be available at your fingertips. All TV shows are listed as per popularity. There is no need to find out which the latest is and the best TV shows. The preferences and ratings would be listed on ShowBox.

With the ShowBox app you do not even need to follow the show from the start. All the previous episodes of the show are also available on the ShowBox app. You can choose to watch the latest episodes daily in your free time or watch all of them together over the weekend or while traveling to work. Whichever option you choose the ShowBox app certainly takes care of your entertainment needs.

Having Skin Problems? Have You Considered Getting A Water Softener?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider investing in the Best Water Softener; however one of the most important reasons why you should consider getting this device installed is for the health of your skin. While a number of homes have hard water flowing through their taps, they have a water softener installed. Hard water tends to affect the hair and the skin the most. The skin starts becoming dry and itchy in no time by using hard water. Over a period of time the skin will start losing shine and the health of the skin will start getting affected.


Using a water softener has multiple benefits. There are a number of things that a water softener can help with. One of the major problems with hard water is it tends to reduce the life of things in the house. One of the major things that it affects is the clothes. The mineral deposits in the hard water settle on the clothes and make the clothes dull and starchy. This reduces the life of the clothes over a period of time and will result in you spending more money on new clothes. Another thing that hard water affects is the appliances in the house. When hard water comes in contact with appliances such as washing machine and dish washer the mineral deposits from hard water slowly start affecting the performance of these appliances. This means that these appliances need maintenance a lot more than other appliances in the house. The problem with the mineral deposits is that it cannot be removed easily. Spending money on repairing the appliances will be a huge expense and in no time new appliances will be needed which will be another huge expense.

Another major problem with hard water is the taste and smell of it. Since most of the hard water comes from sewages and wells it does taste and smell funny. Hard water also brings with it a lot of germs and diseases that are not easy to cure. The biggest advantage of using a water softener is saving money on soap. When you use hard water with soap it does not lather up like soft water. This way you end up using more soap and buying more soap. By using a water softener your expenses on soap will be reduced by almost 75%. One of the best is the Fleck water softener.

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It is a website for all Americans! Republican, Democrat, third party, or independent, everyone. It is a website that will focus on why the United States of America needs Lou Dobbs as its next President, and how we can help draft Lou Dobbs to actually run for the highest office in the land. Thank you for stopping by and please help spread the word about this website and that we truly do need Lou Dobbs for President.