How to easily catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is the game for this generation. In today’s era of technology people have become very lazy because of the comforts they have. Even playing games has different meaning now. Earlier children and teens used to play outside with other kids but now video games and gaming applications on mobile and computers have made them lazy. Not only this is making them fat but also depriving them of any physical activity. So here comes in the new game Pokémon Go. The Pokemon Go APK can easily be downloaded from the official website.


The game is based on the gamer’s location. The game uses the device’s location to show the gamer their location on map in the game. When the gamer actually moves in the real world only then will its gaming avatar will move in the game. So now the gamers have to move if they want to play the games. Only on moving will they come across wild Pokémons and catch them. This forces the teenagers to get out of their houses and go to parks or other places to play the game. Also when someone else is playing near you, you can battle that person. You can also go to gyms to challenge badge leaders. Gyms and pokestops are usually places popular or common in that area.

Tips for catching a Pokémon easily

Catching Pokémon can be difficult or easy depending upon your experience and level of CP of Pokémon. Also it depends upon the type of pokeball you are using. So here are some tips you can follow –

  • Use razz berry for Pokémon of higher CP. They make it easier for you to capture it.
  • While catching a Pokémon when you touch your pokeball a target ring appears around the Pokémon. The color of the ring indicates the level of difficulty you would face in catching the Pokémon. If the ring is green that means it is easier to catch it. If the ring is orange then it indicates intermediate level. If the ring is red then it indicates high level of difficulty.
  • Your best shot would be the time when target ring is of smallest diameter.
  • If you want curveball bonus then while catching a Pokémon drag and spin the ball very fast in a circular motion and then throw it.
  • Also it gets easier to attract a wild Pokémon if you are using incense.
  • Using the right ball also matters you cannot catch a high CP Pokémon with just a pokeball. You would need Great Ball or Ultra Ball or Master Ball.

Final Say

The game has completely changed the gaming world. The game has earned great popularity because of its new concept. There are more than 500 million downloads worldwide. The game has not only profited itself but also the youth of this generation. Now they actually move around and use their bodies. This makes the game very different and life like. You can see Pokémons anywhere through your camera. They can be on land or on someone’s head.

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