Women’s Mountain Bikes – Is There a Difference?

Men and women both are built differently. Different body shapes, different features – Men and women are not the same except the part of two legs, two arms or one head. This is way the mountain bike they ride should be different also. Usually, the difference in their bikes is found in the way bikes are built and how they are designed. The frame is shorter, contact points are less, and different heights – there are a number of significant differences but are not so obvious to the naked human eye. Let us have a look at some of these differences on the best mountain bikes available in the market today.


The Top Tube

The biggest difference between a man and a woman is the length of their torsos and arms. This is duly reflected in the design of the mountain bikes. The top tube on the bike is shorter in comparison to the one on the men’s bike. This reduces the distance between the handlebar and the seat for women to reach the handlebars comfortably.

Head and Seat Tube Angles

While the men usually have longer arms, women are born with slightly longer legs. Therefore, if you shorten the top tube on the woman’s bike and not make any other adjustment to the bike, it can lead to overlapping of the front wheel and their toe while pedaling. Most cycle manufacturers found a solution to this issue by increasing the angle and the length of the head tube at the bike’s front end. This extended the front wheel in the forward direction and the wheelbase as well. Also, the seat on the mountain bike is made at a steeper angle to make their ride comfortable.

Crank Length

For a comfortable ride on your mountain bike, the crank length should be of the optimum size. While woman’s legs are longer and torso slightly shorter than a man; the overall inch-by-inch length of a man’s leg is longer in comparison to women. This is why the crank length on men’s bike is slightly longer than the same on women’s bike. The crank on a men’s bike measures 170mm whereas the one on a women’s bike measure 165mm.  This allows the women to get down to the bottom of their pedal stroke.

Handlebars, Grips, and Brakes

Men usually have broader shoulders than women which are the main reason for having wider handlebars on their bikes. The handlebars are also placed slightly lower on a women’s bike because of the height difference. The grips used on a women’s mountain bike is smaller to make sure they are able to fit in their hands for added control and comfort.

The Last Words

While to a naked eye, these differences might not be easily visible, but they are present to make sure that women are also able to enjoy the benefits of using a mountain bike. If you are on the lookout for mountain bikes, you can check out your options under $1000 from here.

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